At Thomas M Reedal, we go the extra mile to educate all our patients regarding the importance of oral hygiene, and how it is related to the overall health of the entire body. We believe that patients learn better through demonstrations, and so our team uses different models and methods to comprehensively explain the correct techniques for brushing and flossing for better, more effective cleaning. With a regular oral hygiene routine in place, there is absolutely no reason why you would every have to worry about dental or gingival infections.

We also firmly believe that young minds grasp things much faster, which is why we encourage parents to start bringing their kids to the clinic soon as they turn a year old. Children who clean their teeth regularly, will have healthier teeth as adults. Remember to always brush, floss, scrub the tongue and use a mouth wash at home to keep harmful bacteria at bay. We’ll take care of your oral health by carefully assessing your oral cavity during your routine visits. Give us a call today to schedule your check-up and clean visit with our team of experts at Thomas M Reedal.