Fillings are dental restorations performed on teeth that have been infected by bacteria, and show lesions of decay. They can repair the enamel and dentin of a natural tooth, halting the spread of caries before it invades another layer. At Thomas M Reedal, our restorative material of choice is composite. Some of the key features and benefits of using composites for dental fillings include:

  • Unmatched aesthetic properties: Composites are available in a large variety of shades and can therefore easily be matched to the exact colour of the patient’s teeth

  • High strength: Composites are also very strong and can be used to restore larger teeth present on the posterior part of the mouth

  • Stable: The material is very stable structurally and does not undergo any changes after it has been set in the cavity

  • Easy to use: The material is not technique or time sensitive and therefore is very easy to use

  • Handling: Due to its unique texture, it can easily be moulded to replicate the natural contour of teeth present in the mouth

  • Non-toxic: Composites are completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant to soft tissues of the mouth. They do not contain any substances that can be harmful for the patient, or the environment.