Dental Implants


If you have missing teeth in your oral cavity and are looking for the best possible treatment to replace them, in terms of functionality and outstanding aesthetics, then Dental Implants are ideal for you. A dental implant is the only treatment that replaces the entire missing tooth, i.e. the crown as well as the root. Other methods, such as dentures and bridges, only replace the crown as therefore have a number of disadvantages associated with them. Some of the most prominent benefits of opting for implants include:

  • Unmatched stability and strength. Implants can easily withstand the forces of mastication without fracturing

  • Strength the underlying jaw bone and prevent it from resorbing

  • Porcelain crowns appear perfectly natural in the oral cavity

  • Restore complete function of mastication and speech

  • Can be used to retain complete dentures

  • Do not require adhesives, clips or bands for retention

  • Prevent mesial drift and movement of other teeth in the mouth

  • Can be cleaned just like any other tooth in the mouth

Dental implants are truly the best investment when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Call the experts at Thomas M Reedal today to learn more about implants, and how they can help you.