Dental Crowns

Dentists usually advise patients to get crowns in cases such as chipped edges, dental fractures, following root canal treatments, aesthetic restorations such as covering gaps or old coloured fillings, congenital deformities of enamel and dentin, and after large sized fillings. Some of the most prominent purposes that crowns serve include:

  • Preservation of the natural tooth

  • Protection of structurally comprised teeth

  • Strengthening weak teeth

  • Cosmetic rehabilitation of aesthetically compromised teeth

  • Preventing further damage

  • Restoration of functionality

We at Thomas M Reedal fabricate dental caps using top quality materials such as porcelain and metal, which combine to give excellent strength and aesthetics to the fixed prosthesis. Our crowns can therefore be used to restore any tooth in the mouth, whether it is present in the anterior portion, or is located at the far back of the mouth. If you have recently undergone a root canal treatment, or are simply looking for an effective cosmetic fix for an unsightly midline diastema (gap present between the front teeth), you can always trust a crown to get the job done right. Book you appointment today to get your teeth professionally assessed!