Comprehensive Exams


Dental exams are the most important part of any dental appointment because they help assess a patient’s oral health, and how it can be improved. Our team of dentists at Thomas M Reedal are skilled at diagnosing dental infections and other lesions. During a dental exam at our clinic, we use examination instruments such as mirrors and probes to check your tooth and surrounding soft tissues for any abnormalities, including changes in the colour, texture or form of the teeth or mucosa. This exam is completely non-invasive and painless, and may be accompanied by radiographs if needed. We also make a comprehensive record of each patient’s drug, medical and family history to form treatment plans accordingly.

Dental exams play a vital role in diagnosing harmful oral infections and treating them in a timely manner. The sooner a condition is detected, the better will be the prognosis of its treatment. For instance, a carious lesion can be seen as a white spot during its earliest stages – if detected at that point, it can be curbed and treated before it infected a larger portion of the tooth and destroys it. Similarly, oral cancers can also be diagnoses during dental exams. Patients must therefore always be present for their routine check-ups – so we can keep your oral health in check!