Dental bonding, also known as direct composite bonding is the procedure whereby a dentist uses tooth-coloured restorative material for quick, often entirely cosmetic fixes. Patients often visit the clinic with chipped edges, fractures tooth margins, or simply with a natural gaps between teeth. These irregularities compromise the appearance of the smile, and in cases when porcelain veneers are out of budget and time is of the essence – bonding is the treatment of choice.

Composite is a highly versatile material and can be used for functional, as well as aesthetic dental restorations. During bonding, a small quantity of the material is taken at a time to repair a tooth, giving it a more aesthetically appealing look. From filling gaps, to recreating chipped margins and edges, just about anything can be done with composites in a matter of minutes. Once the desired shape and contour of the tooth has been made with the composite, the material is set and hardened in place with a curing light, or laser. It is then polished to give the restoration a beautiful, natural-looking shine and the patient can walk out of the clinic smiling more confidently than before. Bonding at Thomas M Reedal costs much less than most cosmetic procedures, and can give patients single-visit smile makeovers.